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We went to Mars!

Students from the University of Antioquia embarked on an adventure from August 28th to September 11th in one of the first analog missions carried out in Colombia.

Maria Alejandra Botero, David Andrés Díaz, Manuel Orando Sandoval, Sebastian Augusto Zapata, Angelica Turizo Donado and Samuel López Zapata are the 6 students who were part of this magnificent mission and are linked to the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of the University of Antioquia.
Space expeditions are very expensive and that is why the development of analogous habitats is important nowadays due to their greater accessibility, and several countries have opted for them. The habitat created by the Cydonia Foundation where the simulation to Mars will take place, “HAdEES-C”, is located in Chía, Cundinamarca; and here they were able to experience the isolation and confinement that is experienced in space expeditions, as well as water and energy restrictions.

From Shareppy International we like to support innovative projects and we came to do our bit by contributing to the fund linked to the realization of such an important project.

The fact that we are a technology based company encouraged us to follow closely the kids of the EAR Crew, where the students interacted in the habitat with robotic assistance for monitoring in physical and mental trainings for their due psychological diagnosis.

Source: Universidad de Antioquia