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As a response of

Corporate environmental responsibility

This is a set of software components that help to digitize the different processes of the company, reducing the use of stationery, environmental burden on the entity, the waste generated and the costs of purchasing stationery in the organization.

PaperLess is the mechanism of legal certainty of the exact date and time in the generation, sending and receiving of electronic information, guaranteeing the existence and integrity of a digital document in a given instant of time.

Main features

Allows digitally generating the different formats and documents that are managed internally by each of the entity’s processes.

It is fully integrable with the banking core of the institution or with its document management system.

Adds tieme marks to associate digital documents with a temporary reference to ensure that the information submitted by the applicant has existed and has not been modified.

Reduces the use of paper to reduce the environmental burden on the entity and reduce the waste generated.

It allows to digitize the files and physical documents that are handled in the company to reduce the environmental burden on the entity.

The information shall be digitally available on the servers of the entity to which the persons empowered to do so shall have access, thereby decreasing the printing or photocopying of the documents for consultation.

The information is stored digitally on the servers, obtimizing storage, location and order.

Documents that exist digitally do not generate waste or physical disorder.

It allows the quick search or consultation of information through parametrized search filters that speed up the consultation of digital documentation.


Integrity, confidentiality and traceability of information

These technological services ensure compliance with three basic principles of information security

Digitally signed documents with a certified time stamp

It guarantees the existence and integrity of digital documents over time, preventing any third party from changing or requesting modifications to different values already specified.

Commitment to the environment

Avoids the user of paper as the fastest and most effective way to reduce the environmental burden on the entity.

Cost-efficient solution (secure scanning and zero paper)

It reduces not only the costs of stationery but also the waste generated by the use of paper.