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Shareppy Internacional, Fintech de soluciones tecnológicas para sector financiero y solidario.
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Technology for the financial sector

We are a Colombian Fintech Company, specialized in solutions for the financial sector. We work daily to help Banks and the cooperative sector meet the needs of their clients, bringing them closer to them thanks to technology.


Conect with yours customers

Today’s world demands greater connectivity and speed in all processes, banking and finance are no exception. Fill this need with our products.


Smart Road

It is a tool that allows programming the flow of a process and adapting it to perform it in a systematic, agile and flexible way.


It is the method of identification by means of fingerprint (identity authentication) using hand-held biometric device, to authenticate the customer in order to guarantee the proper provision of the service.

Central Research

It is a central consultation tool that helps decision-making at the operational and administrative level.

Portafolio Management

It is a tool that allows obtaining better channels for portfolio management, achieving minimization in operating costs and increasing portfolio recovery rates

Mobile Branch

It is a tool that facilitates the collection of money and the realization of operations of associates or clients.


It is a set of software components that help to digitize the different processes of the Company, reducing the use of paper as the fastest and most effective way to reduce the environmental burden on the entity and reduce the waste generated.

Dematerialisation of Promissory Notes

Is a solution that allows you to digitally sign the dematerialized promissory note to back up any credit transaction, avoiding the physical processing of the promissory notes, are signed and validated by means of a biometric signature and will go directly to the institution’s file.


It is a tool with which the positioning of the advisor in a unique and well-defined geographical location in a specific coordinate system and datum is disclosed.

Digital credit

It is a web platform that simulates a mobile application interface, which is used for the self-management of associates in the placement of financial products. It helps in the processes of evaluation of the prospects, data collection and validation of these, storing the request in the Core of the entity.

Cloud and Offline Solutions

Your information is backed up ensuring a history and traceability, you can collect it without internet Access.

Efficiency and speed

Streamline the entity’s procedures, even in the countryside, avoiding delays and congestion in the office.


The world is moving towards digitization, responding to this advance using technology and our tools.


The information of your clients and the entity will be assured and supported with us.

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