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Software to

Consultation of Risk Centres

Central Research is a consulting agent for Risk Centers for those entities that require a tool that optimizes to the maximum the information obtained from integrating the worlds of CIFIN and Datacrédito with the Core of the entity.

Central Research is a consultation tool that helps decision-making at the operational and administrative level.

Main features

It allows the generation of consolidation reports for internal management for decision-making.

Reduction in the number of errors in the commercial process thanks to the automation of calculations and processes.

It is fully integrable with the banking core of the institution allowing the creation of own scores and automatic application of internal credit policies.

Support for the PCI-DSS standard.
Security protocol for the HMAC API.
Support OWASP, Top 10.

Allows on-site information capture via mobile devices

Groups the information from DATACREDITO and CIFIN in one place



It is possible to define intelligent filters for the query and to extract in a single report all the queries required by the user, without having to perform them manually.


It is possible to assign permissions per user. No information can be extracted. It has a security control via Pin.

Avoids Fraud

In the queries made, since the information that is generated is confidential and it is only possible to extract it with authorization in the user’s alterations of the same.

Efficient and fast

The application stores queries by means of histories, that when consulted again do not generate additional costs to the entity and has a quick query option that does not require as much information, expediting processes.

Reduces the consumption of paper

The collection of information is done directly on the mobile device, which eliminates the need for printed forms.