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Mobile non-banking

Mobile Branch is an application that works through smart mobile devices, through a transactional validator, the application sends information to the banking Core to perform the same transactions offered by cashiers, with the same security and agility.

Mobile Branch it is a tool that facilitates the collection of money and the realization of operations of associates or clients, providing mobility to agencies, offering the services of the entity abroad through smart mobile devices.

Main features

The application reports transactions made in the registered account.

The application is compatible on mobile advices, allowing you to opérate at all times and anywhere.

With the location of the device shows the nearest routes to access offices and physical services.

Transaction information is recorded in the core of the entity

When entering the application, the user must enter a unique password, guaranteeing the security of the application and the protection of its data.

If required, you can print the media of transactions made, saved in the application in digital form.

The application uses the location of the mobile device to have accurate information on where transactions are made.

Reduction in the number of errors in the business process thanks to the automation of calculations and processes.



Mobile Branch was designed to provide mobility to provide mobility to financial institutions so that by making use of this advantage they can offer their products to their users without making them travel to agencies, and thereby improve sales effectiveness, provide better customer service, and create cost-effective relationships with them.

Real-time operations

Mobile Branch allows these operations to be performed in real time and safely:

  • Consultation of product balances
  • Appropriations
  • Retirement service
  • Payment of savings or credit instalments
  • Transfer services
  • Consultations of movements
  • Opening of new catchment products

Timely, agile and secure service

It increases its presence in the region without the need for additional physical infrastructure. With countryside advisors you will provide a timely, agile and secure service to your associates or clients.

Optimizes the collection process

Increases uptake by collecting portfolio and programmed savings products using smart mobile devices.

  • Avoid waiting lines at branches
  • Decongest the main agencies
  • Expedites payments offers mobility to cashiers
  • Handing of discrete insured amounts
  • Allows to secure captures

Reduces the consumption of paper

The collection of information is done directly on the mobile device, which eliminates the need for printed forms.