Get to know the world of Testing: Black and White Box
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Get to know the world of Testing: Black and White Box

In the world of software testing, there are different methods used to find defects and evaluate the quality of the product or process in question. Two of the best known methods are the white box and the black box.

The white box method consists of reviewing the code and structure of the product to be tested and using that knowledge to perform the corresponding tests. This process is carried out in the unit testing phase and, in most cases, is performed by the developer, who has a deeper knowledge of the structure of the product in question. An example of this type of testing would be when a mechanic checks the interior of a car for faults or damage.

On the other hand, the black box method is used to evaluate the functionality of the developed product or service, verifying the inputs and outputs of responses without taking into account its inner workings. That is, they are tested from a graphical interface. An example of this type of testing would be when a person tests the lights or starts the engine of a car before buying it, without needing to know how it works internally.

It is important in the testing process to validate all possible scenarios, both from a graphical and internal point of view. The people in charge of performing these tests should have basic knowledge of what the developer is doing, and in case they do not know, they should document and ask for support to ensure an optimal process. In this way, possible failures can be easily detected and ensure that the product or process meets the required quality standards.


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