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The solution for

Portfolio management

Portfolio Management, is a tool that allows to obtain better channels for the management of the portfolio, achieving the minimization in operating costs and increasing the rates of portfolio recovery.

The Portfolio Management Software, is a tool that allows the management of portfolio collection, integrating the call center collection channels, agencies and legal management, through the use of modules defined for each role, thus allowing the management of the different types of portfolio.

Main features

Preventive, administrative, legal and pre-legal.

In the tool you can fill out the forms with the information needed for out-of-office portfolio collection

Monitor the collection of the portfolio and its management, with real-time updated indicators of the management carried out.

You can integrate our software to the system you have installed for this process and improve it.

Generate models of letters and messaging, to speed up the process and standardize it.

The software works on mobile devices, making it easier to collect outside the office.

In the application you can register and audit calls that are made for the collection management of clients.

The data obtained and recorded in the software are confidential, guaranteeing their protection.

Build the tool you need, according to your entity’s requirements with the software modules

Avoid congestion in offices and collection points and retrieve the portfolio at home.

Know the location of the collectors in real time.


Control of the portfolio

Control the portfolio according to your entity’s collection processes and policies, facilitating the agile and efficient portfolio allocation to managers, creating and structuring strategies that will allow increases in portfolio recovery rates.

Outsorcing of collection management

Follow up the legal processes online at the different stages and generate their respective reports for timely decision-making to follow up with external lawyers.

Indicators of portfolio recovery

It allows online monitoring and follow-up of the different actions, using portfolio and management indicators for the management decision-making.


Automatically generate correspondence according to parametrable chart models. This functionality also allows the definition of templates for sending text messages (SMS) and email.

Evolutionary platform

Platform that allows you to evolve as your needs do. It allows to extend the modules according to future internal processes of the entity according to the policy, evolving the tool over time.