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At the Cutting Edge

There is a universal truth engraved in the learning process that we all conduct on a daily basis, both personally and professionally. It is the fact that no matter how many giant steps we take to enrich our skills and knowledge, there will always be someone at the forefront; someone different from oneself. So there will always be value in watching those who are ahead, to learn what it is that keeps them on the podium.

Keeping abreast of the latest developments in an area of interest is absolutely essential in an age where today’s developments are ancient history in a month, and quality assurance is no exception. It is an even more urgent issue in this case, because, as in any economic, fashion, or social cycle, the work environment also goes through periods of massive adoption, saturation and consolidation; and considering the situation in our country we can be sure that after the explosive growth of ICTs that we have been part of, everything seems to indicate that we are going through its final stage of adoption. A stage in which growth is still fast, but not accelerated, and competition abounds. A stage that brings down those who are unable to adapt.

This series of articles will aim to explore new technologies and methodologies applied to quality assurance in other countries, with the objective of learning and adopting some of these advances for our personal and professional good, because if we are up to date, our company is up to date. We will explore the latest publications of the most important SQA magazines, the news related to the world of quality, and the articles dedicated to deconstruct the way in which the most dominant technology companies in the market operate.

I am convinced that in this process we will be able to learn several lessons that will help us change our perspective in this area. So you are cordially invited to be part of this adventure in which we will explore the new horizons of those who are At the cutting Edge.