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Get to know the world of Testing

It is no secret that nowadays technologies and virtual services have improved our quality of life, behind the scenes of these advances there is a great team of human talent striving to exploit their knowledge, provide solutions and support when offering their respective services.

Within this group of collaborators are part of the area of quality assurance or Testing, who are responsible for ensuring that within the life cycle of the software everything works correctly, avoiding and corroborating that no fault is present and thus make possible the delivery of a good product or qualified service.

When starting a testing or quality assurance process, some steps must be followed to develop this activity in the most orderly way possible, the first thing we have to do is to find an incident on which we will evaluate what happens, having clear the error we will make a test plan or use cases (these documents allow us to keep an order in our tests and knowledge of all areas where we need to perform the testing or where more errors could occur), Once we are clear about the reason for the incident we must report this to the personnel in charge, in most cases to the Developers, although in some cases this role has the knowledge to make some adjustments, once we have the correction we perform the tests again according to our pre-established plans and thus ensure that the process is carried out correctly.

Within this process we find a series of tests where the quality and proper functioning of a software is evaluated:

  • Unit tests: are tests performed to each software module to verify that they work correctly and meet the requirements set at the beginning.
  • Integration tests: they are performed after the individual tests and evaluate the functionality of the software, integrating the different components and verifying that they work correctly.
  • System tests: these tests evaluate the functionality of the complete system to validate that the software meets the user’s requirements and works as expected.
  • Acceptance tests: these are tests performed by the end user to verify that the software meets his needs and has the required solutions.
  • Regression tests: these tests verify the correct operation of the entire system, regardless of the requirements, and validate that the entire system complies with quality assurance.
  • Usability tests: they are performed to evaluate the ease of use and user experience of the software.


To perform a good Testing, the software life cycle must be taken into account, be very clear about the test plan to be performed and validate that the functionalities follow the process properly, meet the requirements or needs assigned by the client and, if necessary, give our point of view and the improvements that could be made.