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dia internacional de las cooperativas

Celebrating International Cooperative Day

July 1st is a special day to celebrate and recognize the positive impact of cooperatives around the world. On this occasion, we will focus on the pivotal role played by the UN and the International Cooperative Alliance in boosting cooperatives in Latin America. Since their inception, these organizations have worked tirelessly to foster collaboration, solidarity and sustainability around the world. Join us on a tour of cooperative exploits in Latin America and discover how these initiatives are changing lives!

The UN and cooperatives


The United Nations (UN) has recognized the value of cooperatives as key actors for economic and social development. Through the promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the UN has actively supported the participation of cooperatives in building a more inclusive and equitable world. By encouraging the creation of enabling policies, the UN has fostered collaboration between governments and cooperatives to address challenges such as poverty, gender equality, climate change and decent job creation.


The International Cooperative Alliance in action


The International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) plays a key role in the promotion and development of cooperatives worldwide. In Latin America, the ICA has supported a wide range of initiatives that have transformed entire communities and sectors. From agriculture and fisheries to education and housing, cooperatives have achieved remarkable results in terms of local economic development, community empowerment and improved quality of life.

Cooperatives have demonstrated their ability to generate positive change in a variety of areas throughout Latin America. In countries such as Uruguay, agricultural cooperatives have strengthened food security, promoted sustainable agriculture and improved the living conditions of farmers. In Brazil, credit unions have provided financial access to underserved communities, fostering financial inclusion and stimulating local entrepreneurship.

Countries such as Chile have had great relevance in the cooperative context thanks to renewable energy cooperatives that have driven the transition to clean and sustainable energy sources, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and promoting action against climate change. Furthermore, in Mexico, production and consumption cooperatives have promoted fair trade, the empowerment of indigenous communities and the preservation of local culture.


International Day of Cooperatives is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements and potential of these organizations in Latin America and around the world. Thanks to the support of the UN and the work of the International Cooperative Alliance, cooperatives are transforming lives, strengthening communities and building a more sustainable future. Let’s continue to support and promote collaboration, solidarity and equality through cooperatives, in pursuit of a better world for all. Join the cooperative movement and be part of the change!